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  • Full Screen Canvas : 1080px x 1920px, 9:16 aspect ratio, scaled proportionally to original asset.
  • Acceptable Creatives :Live, motion graphic, or stop motion video,Cinemagraph,Slideshow,Gif-like,Still image.
  • Length :3 to 180 seconds.
  • File Format :Video (.mp4 or .mov, and H.264 encoded - 1 GB or less),Image (.jpg or .png - 5 MB or less).
  • Audio : Must utilize 2 channels (left and right) in a balanced way throughout,Audio target level should be- 16 LUFS,PCM or AAC codec,192 minimum kbps,16 or 24 bit only.

Additional Notes

  • To prevent overlap with the following elements, Snapchat suggests avoiding placement of logos or other graphic elements within 150px of the top and bottom of creative.
  • An 'AD' slug is added by Snapchat and appears on the lower right corner of the Snap Ad.
  • A call-to-action and caret is applied by Snapchat to bottom center of creative for Snap Ads with attachments.
  • You may include Text and Graphic Copy ('Swipe Up' 'Screenshot' or 'Share'); or Visual Indicator (arrow, caret, chevron, directional emoji); or Snap UI CTA highlight (such as single semi-circle or triangle), but only if it does not dominate the creative.


  • Brand Name and Headline must be added.
  • Brand Name must match the paying Advertiser whose products or services are being advertised.
  • Full screen and vertically formatted.
  • Approved for viewing by a 13+ audience.
  • If featuring your Sponsored Creative Tool, the Ad must include persistent branding and a graphic text overlay with actionable message, such as, 'Unlock Lens' or a Campaign tagline.
  • Advertiser-supplied brand name and headline for Snap Ads running in between User Stories and in Our Stories.

Brand Name and Headline Placement

  • Brand Name : Up to 25 characters with spaces (i.e. company name, movie title, etc.).
  • Headline : Up to 34 characters with spaces (i.e. product name, Campaign slogan/tagline, tune-in date, etc.).
  • Please Note : The Brand Name must reflect the paying Advertiser and cannot be the same as your Headline. Emojis are not permitted in either field.

Le Snap Ad est également disponible en Commercial, non skipable, avec une durée de 3 à 6 secondes maximum.

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