Collection Ad

Collection Ads are made-for-commerce ad types that allow you to feature a series of products that users can tap to get more details.

Thumbnail Specs

  • File Format :Static image only (.jpeg or .png).
  • Thumbnail Images :4 sqaure images only.
  • Thumbail File Size :2MB or less for each image.
  • Thumbnail Image Size :Equal to or more than 160px by 160px.

Creative Recommendations

Top Snap

  • Focus on one key hero message.
  • Feature a strong and relevant call-to-action for Collection Ads.
  • Use purposeful sound design.
  • Branding should come in before 0:02.
  • Run short-form ads (i.e. :03-:05 in duration) to mirror the bite-sized nature of Snaps.
  • Keep creative simple to drive attention to the Thumbnails.


  • Avoid placing critical graphics, logos, messaging, visual indicators or important language in the safe zones.
  • Keep Thumbnails simple and clear.
  • Do not feature numerous products within a single thumbnail image.
  • Ensure the Product or Visual Element fills the entire Thumbnail.
  • Use little or no text in the Thumbnail.
  • Utilize different URLs to correspond with each of the Thumbnail images to highlight each unique product or feature.


  • Collection Ads can be created dynamically with the contents of uploaded Product Catalogs, or manually with tile images uploaded specifically for the Collection Ad.
  • ’AD’ slug is added by Snapchat and appears on the upper right corner of the Collection Thumbnails Area.
  • Call-to-action is applied by Snapchat to upper left of the Collection Thumbnails Area and selected from a list within Ads Manager.
  • Each of the 4 Thumbnail images requires a corresponding URL.
  • An additional Swipe Up URL is also required. When a user Swipes Up this URL is visited.
  • URLs may be used multiple times.


Top Snap

  • Legal language in the bottom 384 px.
  • 'Tap' CTA must be static, but it is allowed a single introductory reveal only.


  • Thumbnails can feature the same product at different angles/vantage points but not the same exact image.
  • Thumbnails can include text but cannot be text only.
  • Thumbnails must feature an image (i.e. product, icons, item, feature) rather than just a single- or multi-color fill, gradient or pattern.
  • Thumbnails cannot have a transparent background.

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